Fire Blanket 1.5X1.8 meters


  •  Made of 100% compact structure fibreglass fabric.
  • Suitable for extinguishing small fires or burning clothes.
  • Can be used as a radiant heat shield to aid in escaping fires.
  • Comes in a nylon storage bag with hanging grommets.
  • Quick release tabs for easy use in an emergency.
  •  Size : 1.5W x 1.8L  meters  /     60"W x 71"L 

Required for all commercial vessels.

Fire Blanket 1 X 1 meter


  •  Non-combustible, high temperature resistant, soft, smooth, tight, and non-irritating to the skin, it is an ideal and effective protective layer for those who need to stay away from the heat source. Can be reused without damage.
  • Size : 1 X 1 meter,  Thickness 0.4 mm.

Suitable for small boats, homes, and kitchens.