Residential & industrial fire detection system


Fireboy Elite CPM Conventional Fire Control Panel

Standard Features

  •  UL864 approved
  • Two, four or eight initiating circuits
  • Initiating circuits individually configurable as Fire or Supervisory
  • Two 2.5A Notification Appliance Circuits
  • 4.0 Amps total NAC power available
  • Selectable NAC protocols
  • 5 Amp power supply
  • Resettable Aux power output rated at 0.3A Listed
  • Alarm verification selectable by zone
  • Aux power configurable to power off on Fire condition
  • Fire, Trouble and Supervisory relays
  • Single person walk test function
  • Many advanced configuration options
  • 24 hour standby with 7Ah batteries
  • Maximum battery size 12Ah
  • Optional DACT (SIA or Contact ID allowing user definable reporting codes

Product Overview

  •  The Elite CPM range of conventional fire control panels with optional built in communicators are available with 2, 4, or 8 initiating circuits which may be extensively configured via a simple front panel operated programming method.
  • The low standby power requirements and cost effective small batteries allow the panel to be mounted in a small discrete enclosure.
  • A simple programming method using just 3 front panel buttons allows an extensive list of configuration options to be set and reviewed.
  • Single board construction which allows easy removal of all electronic parts and ample provision of cable entry knockouts to simplify installation.
  • 4 Amp notification appliance power and built-in selectable sync protocols provide ample power and control for a wide range of standard notification appliances.
  • The optional DACT allows dual line reporting to central stations and provides a 500 event history buffer.
  • Up to 13 detectors may be connected per zone

system components


7 Ah Battery: VF5450

Standard Features

  •   Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology for superior performance
  • Valve regulated, spill proof construction allows safe operation in any position
  • Power and volume ratio yielding unrivaled energy density
  • Rugged plastic case and cover
  • Approved for transport by air. D.O.T., I.A.T.A., F.A.A., and C.A.B. certified
  • U.L. recognized under file number MH 20845


VF3021-10 Single Action Manual Pull Station

Standard Features

  •  Single or Dual Action
  • Wire head Connections
  • Gold Plated Alarm Contacts
  • Optional Surface or Weatherproof Backbox


Outdoor Fireboy-Xintex Evacuation Signals

Standard Features

  •  UL 464, UL 1638 & BFP Listed
  • Nominal Voltage 24VDC
  • Unit is Shipped with UL1638 listed VF4007 Candela Horn/Strobe
  • Unit Dimensions: VF4008 5.75” High x 4.75” Wide x 4.18” Deep
  • To Obtain Outdoor Horn, must order VF4000 and VF4008 separately
  • Super-SlideTM – ease of supervision testing
  • CheckmateTM – Instant Voltage Verification
  • Lower installation and operating costs
  • Switch selection for high dBA
  • Switch for mechanical and 2400Hz tone
  • Switch for continuous tone
  • Tamperproof re-entrant grill
  • Synchronize Strobe and/or Horn by using Fireboy-Xintex Synchronization Control Module
  • Wide Voltage Range 16-33 VDC or FWR
  • Separate horn and strobe functions
  • Listed for UL1638 when used with the VF4008 enclosure
  • VF4008 made of clear Lexan provides maximum visibility and reliability for effective visible signaling – allowing full 75cd output
  • Input terminals 12 to 18 AWG
  • Faceplate available in red


Conventional Heat Detector: Series 65A

Standard Feature

The Series 65A Heat Detectors monitor temperature by using a dual thermistor network which produces a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature. There are 6 detectors in the series to suit a wide variety of operating conditions.

  • Ideal for installation in engine rooms, machinery spaces, and galley areas
  • Can be used for applications where smoke detectors are unsuitable
  • Wide operating range 10-33 VDC (auto-sensing)
  • Flashing LED option
  • Maximum alarm current: 17mA at 10VDC and 52mA at 24VDC


Photoelectric Smoke Sensor: Series 65A

Standard Features

The series Series 65A Photo-Electric Smoke Detector incorporates a pulsating LED located within the housing of the detector.

  • Responds especially well to slow-burning, smoldering fires
  • Indicator LED is clear in quiescent state but produces red light in alarm
  • Well suited for staterooms, escape routes and engine rooms
  • Unaffected by wind or atmospheric pressure
  • Wide operating voltage 10-33 VDC (auto-sensing)
  • Flashing LED option
  • Maximum alarm current: 17mA